Year/month temperature diagrams TWO graphs?!

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Year/month temperature diagrams TWO graphs?!

Post by joheben »

When I look at a temperature (year or month view) in either the web app or the Android app, TWO graphs are shown. The blue graph seems to be the correct temperature curve, but then there is a RED graph above it showing clearly invalid temperatures and I cannot figure out what it measures. Is it the humidity, or something else? It can't be any external temperature, for sure.

What is the red graph supposed to show? It does not say itself and I find no information about it.
How can I disable that useless red graph in the year/month temperature views?

While I am at it:
Is there any way to disable the useless "forecasts" that appear to come completely from external data? It adds undesirable clutter to all user interfaces.
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Re: Year/month temperature diagrams TWO graphs?!

Post by Hubi »

Hello joheben,
they are both correct. In month and year view the graphs show the min (blue) and max (red) temperature/humidity of a particular day/period. You can easily check that by noticing the value of the red and blue graph on a day in the month view, and then go to the day view of that date and compare it to its min/max values.
I hope I could clarify the meaning of the graphs.

I think in your last question you ask to disable the forecast in the android app, right? Because you can close the forecast in the web app very easy. Unfortunately I don't think, that you can hide the forecast in the android app. Sorry.
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