World weathermap

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World weathermap

Post by luke1970 » 04 Aug 2016, 17:28

Sorry for my bad english, but I am from germany.
I hope, do you understand me. :-)

I have since yesterday a new Netatmo weather station and it works fine here. But I have a little problem with Netatmo world weathermap.
My station is "filtered". Why? Is this, becouse it's a new station?
And how can I setup my station to "not filterd"


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Re: World weathermap

Post by gulivert » 07 Aug 2018, 08:40


Hi think when you said "filtered" you mean your weather station is not on the World Map ?

If this is the case, you have an option to activate or not the contributing to the Weathermap.
From iOS app go to the application settings -> then choose your station. From there go straight down at the end of the configuration page and you should have an "Advanced" section where you can activate "Contribute to the Netatmo Weathermap"


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Re: World weathermap

Post by lukowicz » 29 Dec 2018, 19:31

Hello, I have the Contribute to the Netatmo Weathermap feature turned on but the station can not be seen on the map.
Thank you

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