Change alarm / notifications not working

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Change alarm / notifications not working

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Hi gents,

I come to the forum because I have requested help to the NetAtmo online support service since a while ago and they simply don't respond. I neither found anything in the internet about my problem

Since some weeks ago, I can't change the notifications / alarm of my Netatmo account neither from the web application or the Android application. After digging in a little bit I found that, when I click 'Accept' in the web after changing an alarm, it sends a POST request to the api URL that responds failing with the next error:

"db_alarm_number 28 is invalid"

I tried, by using Firefox 'Edit and resent' feature, to edit manually the POST content removing the db_alarm_number 28, but then the error was the same with other number. I decide to send the request only to the basic data trying to 'reset' the alarms, and I did, all my alarms returned to the default configuration but.... It's yet impossible to set any new alarm and the error keeps being the same "db_alarm_number 28 is invalid"

Please, if someone of the forum can help me with this, I will appreciate it a lot. I'm a little bit desperated with this issue.

Best regards
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