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Are you being filtered from the Netatmo Weather map?

Posted: 19 Aug 2017, 22:44
by RandyBrown
Here's a short email discussion I had with Netatmo tech support a few days ago about my station being filtered on the Netatmo weather map. I hope its of some help to other Netatmo users with stations being filtered.

Me: Question: Due to mounting issues my outdoor module sat inside my house for a few days. It's now properly mounted outside in the open-air shade and protected from both direct sunlight and rain. Unfortunately my station is now being filtered - how long will it take before it reappears on the netatmo weather map? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process of getting my station back on the map as unfiltered?

Netatmo Tech Support: We have a partnership with WU, if you contribute to our weathermap, then it will be automatically updated to WU map. You will have nothing to do on your side.
But this may take some time:
The Weather station has to go pass our weather map filter:
The data will be compared to other Netatmo weather station to check if the station send correct measures. That it is not exposed to rain or direct sun rays.
Then it goes through WU filter, which compares the data with other stations in WU, in order to validate the station, then only it is shown in WU map.

Me: Thanks for your response. Perhaps I should ask differently. If a station is being filtered how long (hour, days, or weeks) does it take for a station to be removed from
the filter and appear unfiltered (as a trusted station) on the Weather map?

Netatmo Tech Support: Dear customer, As i explained we do not have an exact time, it will depend on the measures your station
provides once is back to normal, the algorithm will pick the station and show it on the weather map again.
It can take days or weeks it depends on the measures provided by nearby stations.

So there you have it, my station has been running perfectly for the past 2-weeks with data and reading comparable to surrounding Netatmo stations but it looks like I'm left to the mercy of algorithms before the system ends my "time-out" for bogus data during setup....bummer.

As a side note, I did find this answer to a question on a Netatmo support page about a weather station's address being changed and how it effects its participation on the weather map

Netatmo FAQ Question: I have changed the address indicated on the Weathermap but it has not been updated. What should I do?
Netatmo FAQ Answer: lt is possible that the Weathermap system has not yet updated its information. The Weathermap is updated every 7 days.

So, I'm only a few days away from the 7-day mark with hopes that the Netatmo weather map will "ping" my station and put me back on the map...fingers crossed!

Re: Are you being filtered from the Netatmo Weather map?

Posted: 02 Sep 2017, 06:13
by RandyBrown
UPDATE: My weather station finally made it's apperience on the Netatmo weather map. It took a total of 22-days for the weather map's filters to accept my stations data. Now I'm counting the days until WeatherUnderground's Wundermap picks up my station - hopefully it won't take as long.

Re: Are you being filtered from the Netatmo Weather map?

Posted: 08 Sep 2017, 00:11
by RandyBrown
As of last night which is about 5-days after appearing on the filtered weather map my station is back to being un-filtered (not trusted) again. I'm always checking the weather map and I can clearly see that my stations temperature readings stay within 1° of all the surrounding stations if not exactly the same as the other stations near me. I'm tough on gadgets or related systems NOT working correctly. I'm aware that stations with extreme reading will be filtered out but there seems to be something else going on with the weather map. There was a power outage during a heatwave 2-days ago. It only lasted for 1-2sec. then power was restored. With the loss of power my internet router lost its connection to the internet for at least 5-6mins due to the lengthy boot-up time of our Comcast Xfinity router after power was restored. During that time I'm sure my station wasn't communicating with the Netatmo servers and thus the weather map. Could this be the reason for my station suddenly being filtered-out of the filtered map? Is the loss of a stations connection enough to get filtered? I also noticed that several stations near me are also being filtered-out and whereas they were always viewable on the filtered map.

Either way it looks like I'm back to waiting for the map to reconize my station - 1 day when……20 to go.

Re: Are you being filtered from the Netatmo Weather map?

Posted: 18 Nov 2017, 17:42
by robfwtx
Mine never showed up, even after 5 months. Weather Underground said to by pass all that with MeteoWare Plus account. The free account will send the data over to Weather Underground. Sure enough, within 24 hrs, my station was live. Now I'm trying to figure out how to setup an app on Netatmo's site so I can have a Python script do the backend for me. I keep getting a HTTP 400 error and I now it's the two blank fields on the app page that I cannot find examples for. Redirect URL and Webhook. Nothing explains what those are. Urgh!!!