Snooze feature for notifications

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Snooze feature for notifications

Post by EssexBoyRacer » 11 Jul 2019, 16:18

Have posted for this before but now there is a feature request forum it’s worth another shot.

Please consider adding a snooze feature for temporarily disabling alerts, ideally on a per camera basis.

Sometimes I might be gardening or washing the car, I would rather keep the cameras enabled and recording but be able to temporarily turn off notifications without having to remember to turn them back on manually.

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Re: Snooze feature for notifications

Post by Stark » 10 Jun 2020, 12:41

I agree my kids go outside and play basketball and I get lots of alerts but I do not want to stop recording. There is a permanent feature setting for disabling the alert and still record but I always forget to go back and correct.

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