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Real-time Video/Snapshot Upload

Post by NathObeaN » 14 Feb 2020, 13:23

Hi there,

I would like to request a real-time upload feature. Whether it's cloud-based, FTP-only, whatever, just please do "something". I was recently burgled and incredibly, the intruders walked past my cameras a couple of times and didn't think to destroy them. This got me thinking however, what if they did? If an intruder spots the camera and destroys it, the footage is lost. Netatmo cameras do not upload anything until motion has stopped. This gives intruders ample opportunity to destroy the camera and in the process, erase all footage.

Please implement some kind of real-time upload. It doesn't have to be footage, maybe just upload snapshots so that if nothing else, pictures of the intruders are saved in the cloud (currently drop-box)/FTP instantaneously, removing the fear that if the intruders do destroy the cameras, their identities are still recorded.

To provide a financial incentive, I (and I imagine others) would be willing to pay for a subscription to take advantage of Netatmo-own cloud-based functionality like this (forget dropbox). I get it Netatmo, you like advertising that you're subscription-free, but it wouldn't hurt to have an option where advanced features like this could be used.

Thank you.

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