Feature Request: Dumb Camera Mode

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Feature Request: Dumb Camera Mode

Post by c0t0d0s0 » 17 Feb 2019, 06:06


i would really like to see a "dumb camera mode" with the Presence, so i can have continuous monitoring all the time. The problem is: Even a 99,9% perfect detection of triggers means that 0,1% percent are lost and as the camera is not recording at al in this situation you don't have any recording of the 0.1%.

It would be nice to have either:
- an easy to access continuous feed from the camera in the same network as the camera for post processing in a external system.
- continuous recordings on the SD-card or ftp server for 24 hours user access.
- a mode that takes a photo in a user modifiable interval of seconds and stores them on the SD-Card or ftp-server for user access.

Large SD-Cards are dirt cheap now, FTP-Server space is dirt cheap now, so storage space can't be the reason. The problem of the 0.1% (or whatever it is) makes the product nearly unusable. Providing such information would have the added advantage that even in case Netatmo should ever decide to abandon this product, you could still still use it until the cameras really physically break.

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Re: Feature Request: Dumb Camera Mode

Post by GuillaumeCam » 25 Feb 2019, 17:25

I agree, please do it!

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