Robotic mowers detection

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Robotic mowers detection

Post by b3astie » 26 Jun 2019, 16:11

As it is now I have to learn the camera that my mower is a car and turn off notifications for cars.

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Re: Robotic mowers detection

Post by Xorlon » 27 Apr 2020, 09:46

Fully agreed on this.

I've got 4 cameras where one camera is having our front of the house with the porch way in view. Here I want notifications and alerts when a car is seen. The rest of the cameras is monitoring different angles of the garden, where the automower is roaming. I can't have different settings for notifications based on type (animal, car, person) for different cameras. So unless I turn of car notifications for all cameras (including the porch way) and loose information for cars, I get hundreds of notifications for my autmower "car" that is seen all over the garden.

A robotic mower detection would really help out :mrgreen:

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Re: Robotic mowers detection

Post by frav » 27 Apr 2020, 11:33

Fredrik from Sweden
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Re: Robotic mowers detection

Post by Highcity » 11 May 2020, 12:12

I have the same problem and hope that there will be a solution soon.
Another possibility would be to make it possible to activate the push message dedicated per camera and not for all the same procedures.

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