Alert zone optimization?

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Alert zone optimization?

Post by jmjlai » 13 Jan 2021, 17:16

I've noticed that I don't get any alerts, motion or person, from anything more than 1-3 metres away.
Motion or people on my yard or street don't trigger anything and my alert zone is the entire doorbell's field of view.
I'm curious if there is any benefit to breaking the field of view up into multiple sections, based on relative distance from the camera. (porch, yard, and street for example)
My theory is that smaller zones based on distance would increase the weighting of distant object motion and person detection relative to their surroundings compared to 1 single zone for the FOV, which with the wide lens would by design weight closer objects very heavily.
Perhaps this type of thing is already compensated for and normalized, but was curious if others have played around with this.

On this note, are alert zones and motion zones the same?
If a person spans multiple zones, would it not be detected as a person?

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