New: Alexa enabled - tips for how-to

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New: Alexa enabled - tips for how-to

Post by klaus53 »

I just discovered from within the Netatmo Security app a new topic: Alexa can be enabled for the Video Doorbell. However, if you click the button in the app, you end up at and all details are in French. My rusty and too basic French did not allow me to complete this. For all who have the same issue, here is how to do it better:

Don't do it from the button/link in the app.
Lauch Alexa (did it from my Apple iOS Smartphone). This will now all run with your local language (in my case: German)
To to Skills and activate the "Legrand - Netatmo - BTcino" skill (connect it with your Netatmo account)
Go to the Alexa function to add a device
Select "Camera", then brand "Netatmo"
Let Alexa search the camera(s)
Then go through the standard Alexa procedure to select the camera, add it to a group, save it.

I am now able to use my Amazon Echo Show and say (in German, here translated into English): "ALexa, show the doorbell garage" (where "doorbell garage" is the name of the doorbell, defined in the Netatmo app).

Now, the Video doorbell, is accessible from Apple Homekit and from Amazon Alexa devices.

Greetings, Klaus
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Re: New: Alexa enabled - tips for how-to

Post by Vollspacken »

Very Cool!

I had searched for an Alexa Skill before, but always just entered "Netatmo" in the search.

Skill is installed and works perfectly 👍🏼
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Re: New: Alexa enabled - tips for how-to

Post by Schimi »

if i press the Doorbell... Alexa only says that a notification is there and i can start showing if i say she had to start showing.... Then a answer on Phone isn´t possible...

I hope in the future the video stream show automatic on the screen if someone press the Doorbell...
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Re: New: Alexa enabled - tips for how-to

Post by net2021 »

I could now integrate the bell.
But is it possible to display a picture on Alexa when someone rings the bell?
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