Doorbell looses connection several times a day

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Re: Doorbell looses connection several times a day

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Did you check the chime module config ?

I initially started with 8V, then moved to 12V. A few days ago, my bell lost connections, low WIFI signal strength warning and suddenly nothing.

Turned out my chime module was still on low 2, shoud have been low 1. However you have to factory reset. The mini USB connector is a pain btw, you need a mini USB cable with a very flat connector.

So, due to the too low resistor in the chime module, there was a too high current (guess during ringingn the bell) casuing the fuse to trip.

Replaced the fuse (which is just 500 mA, the max current drawn in 300 mA), reset, changed the chime module setting and all ok again.
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