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Re: Ambassador Programme

Post by agrovenstein » 12 Jun 2020, 13:04

Would like to join the Ambassador Program also. Please add me to the list.

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Re: Ambassador Programme

Post by hendrix33 » 15 Jun 2020, 10:08

I am a user of the weather station, presence and welcome cameras, and I would like to join the ambassador program.

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Re: Ambassador Programme

Post by NiBas » 16 Jun 2020, 14:22

Hi, I am a german blogger and recently wrote an article about the Netatmo Presence (which can be seen here:Netatmo Presence Test). The article got very positive feedback and my community is asking whether I could write something about the upcoming Netatmo Video Doorbell, after it is published.
@Netatmo team: Would this be of interest for you? I would be very happy if you would select me for your ambassador program. I understand that I will not be allowed to publish information from the testing phase - therefore, I would not take any action that would violate your terms. But testing your video doorbell during the ambassador program would help me creating blog content in advance, which could be published when the camera will be finally released in your shop. I am a really great fan of your products and I would be glad to support your company in testing the upcoming video doorbell.

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Re: Ambassador Programme

Post by GEORGzer » 16 Jun 2020, 16:00

For any questions about compatibility please use the Wiring Smart Doorbell thread or create a new topic and put your chime manufacturer and model or a setup description in the name for better searchability, thank you ;)
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Re: Ambassador Programme

Post by Mjspam » 17 Jun 2020, 06:59

GEORGzer wrote:
15 Jun 2020, 18:50
As announced on June 15th, you can fill out the form here to participate ;)
Thanks for posting! Just submitted the form and pics.
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Re: Ambassador Programme

Post by ZekeHound » 21 Jun 2020, 00:36


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Re: Ambassador Programme

Post by Kps82 » 22 Jun 2020, 23:53

Thank you for share the form!

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Re: Ambassador Programme

Post by tylrprtr » 23 Jun 2020, 02:17

I have been anxiously awaiting for this doorbell since it was announced. I don’t have any other Netatmo products, but I would love to help test this one out and give the opinion and feedback of a new netatmo customer.

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Re: Ambassador Programme

Post by joshmharris » 25 Jun 2020, 01:54

Can’t wait! I hope my application is accepted

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Re: Ambassador Programme

Post by marsm » 25 Jun 2020, 11:19

Good morning

I would like to please be added to the Ambassador Programme. We are currently conducting an in-depth review of the Netatmo Weather Station, which we have been impressed with - the review will be published next week.

On the subject of credentials for the Ambassador Programme, I have been the editor-in-chief of publications such as PC Magazine, PC Format, T3 and numerous other tech/IT titles, and I would like to put myself forward for consideration on the basis of my tech and IT knowledge, as well as being able to objectively review how products work.

Many thanks in advance for your consideration.
Best regards,

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