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Outdoor Siren

Post by Teamtaylor84 » 28 Sep 2019, 22:04

I see you’ve recently released an indoor siren for use with the indoor camera. It apparently features function of being able to sound the alarm manually. Can this be used independently? For example I have the outdoor camera but not indoor but would be useful if after receiving an alert from my presence and see someone suspicious I could manually activate the indoor siren to scare them off.

If this is not possible is there any plans for an outdoor siren that can be used for this?

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Re: Outdoor Siren

Post by NathObeaN » 18 Feb 2020, 14:22

Hi Teamtaylor84,

Yes, the Indoor siren can be activated manually from within the app. You can also manually activate pre-recorded sounds such as a dog barking, baby crying or hoover. Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically trigger an alarm or sound based on any activity from a presence camera. The only automation is siren trigger either by the indoor camera or a window/door sensor (no way to automatically trigger any of the other sounds). Past that, unfortunately there is no outdoor siren.

An outdoor siren however is something I would really, really like. @Netatmo, if you're reading, please consider one (or all!) of the following:

1. An outdoor siren that can connect to an indoor camera as the base unit via a wireless extender to achieve required signal strength (that can be triggered automatically via indoor camera/sensors).
2. An outdoor siren that can somehow be connected directly to presence (not sure if the technology exists within the unit to achieve this), (that can be triggered automatically via indoor camera/sensors).
3. A new outdoor camera with integrated siren (that can be triggered automatically via indoor camera/sensors).

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