How to get the help you need

You need some help attaching the thermostat to your specific boiler. This way please !
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How to get the help you need

Post by GEORGzer » 12 Jan 2020, 17:36

To get advice on how to connect the Netatmo Thermostat and Relais to your setup, please take the following steps:

Search for your boiler brand and model
A solution for a similar setup like yours may have been provided already and can be found in this forum.
Different line-ups of the same boiler brand usually have a lot of similarities and the electrical setup does not differ.

If you can’t find a solution to your problem, create a new topic
State the brand and model of your boiler as the subject of your topic, so that other users with a similar setup are able to find it.

Tell us what you want to do
  • Replace an old room thermostat with the Netatmo Thermostat and use the Relais with the power plug adapter (wired setup).
  • Wire the Relais directly to the boiler and use the Thermostat wirelessly (wireless setup).
  • Wire the Relais instead of your old room thermostat (necessary if the boiler is offsite or out of wifi range).
  • Other type of installation (controlling floor heating, etc.)

Take a peek in your boiler’s manual
Look for any mentions of “connecting an external thermostat”. Electrical schematics can often be found as well and help identify the correct terminals on the board.

Make sure that you have identified the correct fuse to switch off your boiler’s power supply before you open it or do any wiring
If you have no experience with electrical installation at all, you may consider hiring a professional.

Provide a photo of your current thermostat and your boiler’s label
If possible also attach a photo of your boiler’s circuit board. Instructions on how to access the board can be found in the manual.
If you don’t have a manual anymore, you may find it on the internet, ex. the manufacturer’s website or

Identify the 4 wires of the Relais' boiler adapter cable
The brown and blue wires need to be connected to a permanent power supply, so that the Relais is functional and can connect to your wifi.
This can be your boiler's power supply (some models also provide extra 230V outputs), an external power supply or you can attach a power plug.

The black and grey wires are for controlling your boiler. When the Relais switches on, it closes the contact between those two wires (this can be inverted in the settings). No voltage will be supplied to those wires from the Relais at any time.
The two terminals on the Netatmo Thermostat's mounting plate also serve the same function.

Know what’s possible
  • The Netatmo Thermostat is a so-called ON/OFF thermostat. Meaning it is only suited for analog systems (dry contact) and not for digital systems (BUS).
  • It can operate with high-voltage and low-voltage systems.
  • It can only control one device/function.
    If your current thermostat also handles your hot water management, it may be possible to either keep using your old thermostat for this purpose or control it directly from your boiler while the Netatmo Thermostat manages the heating.
  • You can add Netatmo Valves to your system to control individual rooms. Each room can also start the boiler. While it is possible to only have the Netatmo Thermostat in a room with radiators, it is recommended to fit those radiators with Valves as well.
  • If you have a mixed system (for example radiators and floor heating) and you want to use Netatmo Valves and the Netatmo Thermostat side-by-side, controlling both systems on a combined schedule won’t be possible.
    It will be necessary to create 2 individual setups (virtual homes), to prevent the Valves from influencing the Thermostat. Therefore you will either need a second Netatmo Thermostat to connect the Valves to or the Valve Starter Pack.

And finally after creating a topic, subscribe to it or come back on a regular basis
Sometimes there are followup questions that need to be answered. It is also nice to let everyone know if you succeeded. ;)

Happy wiring!
Side note: I'm not a Netatmo employe, I'm more like a freelance forum janitor who likes helping people with wiring stuff...


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