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Attaching Thermostat (Relais) to Buderus Logamax Plus GB 172

Posted: 02 May 2017, 07:23
by Jagthunt
Good Morning,

Im trying to attach the Relais to the mentioned boiler.
There is an additional control panel attached (Logamatic RC 300).

Is it possible to use both controls (netatmo and Logamatic RC 300)?
If so, how do I habe to connect the Relais?

Attached you will find a photo of the possible ports.
I have already tried the green and orange port on the left - but it did not work.

Thank you very much.

Re: Attaching Thermostat (Relais) to Buderus Logamax Plus GB

Posted: 15 Jan 2018, 12:32
by R32er
Hey. have you found a solution yet? I have a buderus GB 112 with a RC35 Thermostat Control Panel connected to port 3-4. this should be the same as your orange. I would try if the Netatmo work parallel with the buderus thermostat.