Is outdoor module broken?

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Is outdoor module broken?

Post by romicshopping »

Hi all!

A week ago I bought a brand new Weather station with outdoor module. Indoor module works fine, but outdoor module doesn't send any data.
I've tried to:
-) replace batteries
-) place outdoor module close to indoor module
-) unpair outdoor module and pair it back
-) reset indoor module
After each try I was waiting for a day to get any data from outdoor module.

I've registered support ticket, but nobody answered yet.

Is there any way to fix the issue?
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Re: Is outdoor module broken?

Post by Murrayg »


I've been trying to obtain a replacement for the outdoor module since the beginning of February.
Having registered a problem with the outdoor module (replacing the batteries at least once a day), I finally received a reply requesting I order a replacement module.
If only I could access the web site. Something to do with Brexit and the UK no longer being part of the EU.
That problem now having been resolved, I find one cannot order just the outside module.

I just want a system that works, rather than a very expensive ornament on the garage wall.
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