Old Station - New module

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Old Station - New module

Post by Birchbranch »


I got a new outdoor module after the old one had drained batteries once a week for two years.
So, I still have the indoor station, which was bought 2015.

I struggle a lot just to wake up the new module.
When it suddenly blinks green, I try to connect it via the iOS app.

Once, when I was lucky the get the green light at the right time, the app responded "The module found by your station does not match the type of module you are trying to add".

I start to wonder if the two are not compatible, or if maybe firmware is wrong.

Anyone who knows, or have succeeded adding a new module to an old station?

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Re: Old Station - New module

Post by fraatti »

I managed to change outdoormodule. Symptoms were same, battery was draining. You have to remove the old module first.

But, it seems that all outdoor data is lost. There isn't way to change module so that data will stay?
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Re: Old Station - New module

Post by Hsd »

I had the same problem last year. If you contact support they can move the data from the old outdoormodule to the new outdoormodule for you.
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