outdoor sensor

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outdoor sensor

Post by Celso » 28 Nov 2019, 21:59

Hi all! the outdoor sensor does not read the Air quality,the other measures look´s fine,have already reset the main module and it is still the same,What else do I have to do any idea,appreciate any help.

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Re: outdoor sensor

Post by kozmix » 02 Dec 2019, 09:48

Hi Celso, the outdoor module only measures temperature and humidity. I believe the air quality is taken from elsewhere, based on your configured location.
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Re: outdoor sensor

Post by Sandra_C » 23 Mar 2020, 17:11


As Kozmix rightly said, the Outdoor Module measures the temperature and the humidity. The outdoor air quality is given by our provider AerisWeather. You can find more info here: https://helpcenter.netatmo.com/en-us/sm ... -index-aqi
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Re: outdoor sensor

Post by toppy21 » 31 Mar 2020, 19:56

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how this problem was solved?

after an update of the mainmodule (indoor module) to V3(162) I don't get any temperature , feeling temperature and humidity measurements anymore from the outsite module (48).

i only see the air pressure and the forecast (sun, clouds, rain....)

what can i do to solve this problem?

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