advance/anticipation calculation fails

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Re: advance/anticipation calculation fails

Post by Alexandre_Netatmo » 12 Dec 2018, 10:24

Glad it worked.
Indeed we will re-design the way it works so you will no be impacted if you keep open a web session.
I have no timeline to give , just that we have already thought about a new way to do it.
Thank you for your very detailled description of the issue.
Have a good day

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Re: advance/anticipation calculation fails

Post by Alex79 » 12 Dec 2018, 16:17

Hello Alexandre

today and on purpose I never checked the thermostat via IOS app, and for the first time after many days, it started the afternoon anticipation correctly.
I still can't believe, that by monitoring the thermostat via web or app, we can inhibit its correct functioning , is that a one-way channel? and when the user is connected to Netatmo whatever way, how long does this "lock" status last before the relais can start to work normally again?
I think that this should be stated clearly anyway, because when problems happen, it is normal to expect that users will check the thermostat more frequently via web or app, not knowing to possibly cause more issues by doing so


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