Problem smart thermostat change Heimeier thermost

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Problem smart thermostat change Heimeier thermost

Post by Nevil » 04 Nov 2018, 17:06

Here are the pictures of the installing on our old thermostat 8heimeier p 230v)

9 and N is bridged with the short yellow/green cable.

How can I install the Netatmo Thermostat?!


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Re: Problem smart thermostat change Heimeier thermost

Post by Poncherelo » 04 Nov 2018, 18:48

Hello Nevil

According to Your picture, the power supply wires must be connected to the wires on N and L

then the 2 yellow wires are for the electrical contact

It will be necessary to connect the yellow wire (which is on the brown cable) to one of the 2 wires of the Netatmo relay

Then the 2nd yellow wire on the last wire of the Netatmo relay

Hoping to have helped you
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Re: Problem smart thermostat change Heimeier thermost

Post by GEORGzer » 04 Nov 2018, 19:13

Either connect the brown wire and the yellow wire (currently on 9) directly to the Netatmo Thermostat (2 terminals on the back) and isolate the blue wire, or as I'd recommend check out your boiler, locate the wires coming from your old thermostat and connect the Netatmo Relais directly.

Brown and Blue wires of the Relais would replace the brwon and blue wires of your current installation, black would go to the same terminal as brown and grey would replace the yellow wire.
That way you could use the Netatmo Thermostat wirelessly whereever you like.
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