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Who can turn on the boiler

Posted: 27 Nov 2018, 21:35
by tomschwarz
I got 5 smart radiator valves. They fit/work great! Already had thermostat with relay wired into boiler, also works great.... ..question, with my five valves, thermostat and relay, am i correct in understanding that only my thermostat can actually turn on the boiler? In other words, if it is warm where the thermostat is, but it is cold where a smart valve is, can the valve request the boiler to turn on even though the thermostats location is warm enough based on the thermostats temperature?

Because I see that my valves need heat, the thermostat does not need heat, the boiler does not turn on. In this not expected behavior/as designed, and i need to uodate software, how to determine my current version(s) and how to request and install an update?

I love the product. Definitely going to hack the java sdk and get 5 more valves. Go robots. Thanks for the savings!

Re: Who can turn on the boiler

Posted: 28 Nov 2018, 09:46
by tomschwarz
Awesome answer from Frederic. Thanks!!!

I love this robot!!!!! The programmers that program it are smart!!°°°
It is possible to choose between 2 operating modes for the Valves :*

• COMFORT priority: Valves can activate the heating directly on a setpoint change made from the weekly schedule, even if the room where the Thermostat is located does not need to be heated.
• ECO priority: Valves cannot activate the heating automatically according to the schedule, they act as temperature limiters. This is the same principle of operation as conventional thermostatic heads. Yet with the possibility of activating the heater with a Manual Boost.

To switch from the default mode (ECO) to the COMFORT mode, just enter the Energy application settings, then go to the Operating Mode menu and choose the Comfort Priority.