100% valves, passive thermostat

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100% valves, passive thermostat

Post by tomschwarz »

hello friends,

almost done with 100% valve coverage on 18 radiators. then i would like to put the house into "comfort priority" mode, and take boiler-control away from the thermostat: only a radiator can request that the boiler turn on and only a radiator can accept the resulting hot water/or not, based on that room/radiators' thermostat temperature measurement.

am i correct in understanding that the only way to do this is to set the thermostat itself on frost control (low temp)? or is there a setting that i missed so that only the valves/valve thermometer can turn on the boiler?

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Re: 100% valves, passive thermostat

Post by achlouve »

Hi Tom,

Yes what you wrote makes sense. Under "Comfort Priority" mode if you set the thermostat at a low temperature you will be able to control the boiler only via the valves.

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Re: 100% valves, passive thermostat

Post by MiBan82 »

In your scenario is better solution to assign thermostat to one of the rooms with valve. In this case will room with the thermostat consider always 2 temperatures and maintain room temperature more accurate.

I can propose you my solution. I installed thermostat to boiler room connected to boiler (thermostat switching boiler and relay is in better position for WIFI and also RC signal).
Now I get 2 important improvements:
1. I have one more room I am able to monitor (heating room)
2. If I open Heating room graph, I can see cumulativee time that my boiler was requested to heat.
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