Replacing DT90E with Netatmo thermostat

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Replacing DT90E with Netatmo thermostat

Post by drndos » 24 Dec 2018, 20:25

I have setup where I have pumps regulated and controlled by thermostat TC11M
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(not actual photo, my thermostat has one additional wire that is connected to Room unit) that works as a controller, failsafe and more. This thermostat unit allows connection of room unit (with support of NO output) in my case it is Honeywell DT90E that is connected like this:
I would like to replace the room unit (DT90E) with Netatmo thermostat. But I am not sure how to wire the netatmo thermostat or the relay. I tried connecting netatmo relay wires Blue to Blue and Brown to Brown, but it seems that the relay doesn't get (enough) power from these two wires.
What would you suggest?
Thank you.

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Re: Replacing DT90E with Netatmo thermostat

Post by GEORGzer » 24 Dec 2018, 21:20

Either connect the Netatmo Thermostat directly to your two wires (terminals on the mounting plate, which way is not important) and use the Netatmo Relais with the power plug adapter.
Or you have to connect the grey and black wires of the Netatmo Relais to your wires (which way is not important) and connect the brown and blue wires of the Relais to a power source (directly or you have to mount a power plug).
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