Downgrade Relay v197 firmware?

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Tommaso Florino
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Re: Downgrade Relay v197 firmware?

Post by Tommaso Florino » 03 Feb 2019, 09:23

7 days before modify, if needed???
that is not possible!!!
I opened a ticket for temperature readings and they said 36/48 hours before using true Temperature again.
36 is already to much. 7 days is NOT acceptable. Please NETATMO revert to the old system of temperature correction. this true temperature is not many People inside and outside the forum are complaining...thanks

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Re: Downgrade Relay v197 firmware?

Post by soundmix » 13 Feb 2019, 20:31


Please Fix the problem

Your Istruction no work


Thank you for contacting Netatmo Customer Service.

On which media do you use the True Temperature function? On the Valves it is necessary to apply the True Temperature when your radiators are very hot and not to touch it for at least a week.

Here is the procedure to change the true temperature :

• Web application (
- Select the "Manage my home" button from the settings
- In the left column, select the room where the change is to be applied
- Click the menu button ("3 vertical points"), and then click Settings
- Make the necessary modification by pressing the + or - buttons.

• Mobile application (iOS and Android):
- Click the "Gear" button (iOS) or "3 horizontal lines" (Android) to display the settings
- Click on the "Manage my house" button
- Select the room where the change is to be made
- In the Advanced settings menu, click on the "True temperature" button
- Make the desired change

Not Work

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Re: Downgrade Relay v197 firmware?

Post by MiBan82 » 15 Feb 2019, 11:18

I have the same issues since last update. I have done many test including switching valves in rooms, recalibrating, battery removal etc.
I have to adjust some valve temperature almost daily. It is common, that valve temperature is more than 3 degrees different from real room temperature.

Before V197 everything was working perfect. I don´t even know about possibility to adjust real temperature.

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