Energy savigs report is useless

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Energy savigs report is useless

Post by Gresteh » 04 Feb 2019, 12:30

The monthly savings report needs a huge improvement, right now it only compares the number of hours the boiler has been working, not taking in account other factors such as water temperature for the boiler, number of radiators and rooms, whether you have smart valves or not or the percentage of time each of those valves have been working.

I have 9 radiators and 8 of them have netatmo smart valves on them, the only one without it is a small radiator located one of the bathrooms (as it's safer to have at least one valve that it's always open), the heat for that bathroom is not wasted since that door is almost always opened and that excess heat increases the temperature of both the hallway and the kitchen making the radiators in those rooms work less often than they would do otherwise.

Most of my rooms are set to a lower temperature (17-19) so the valves in those rooms are almost always closed opening once or twice per day to give the room a small bump in temperature that will last for most of the day.

Only 2 of the rooms are set to a higher temperature (21,5) that means that most of the time the boiler is on It’s only heating those two rooms, thus requiring less gas for the boiler to heat the returning water to the target temperature, thus saving gas compared to having to heat all the radiators in the house.

According to the energy report my boiler has been on for 194h in the last month that may be true, but most of the time has been spent heating 1-2 rooms so my boiler's energy consumption should have been way lower than it would have been if I hadn’t installed smart valves.

Those energy savings are not being reflected in the report, the report treats every hour the boiler has been on as if had been consuming energy at full steam without taking in account that the energy consumption required to heat one or two rooms is way lower than the one required to heat the whole house.

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