Auto-Care Warnings to be implemented

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Auto-Care Warnings to be implemented

Post by fritz_ht » 19 Feb 2019, 11:13

I think NetAtmo should implement some other email warning other than low battery. This morning I woke-up with 17.9 degree in my house, when the NetAtmo thermostat was showing 19.8° (with 19.5° set). I've tried to increase the reference temperature to start the heating but nothing seemed to work. So I've taken the smartphone and open the app to find out that the relè was unable to communicate with the thermostat. Opening the thermostat I've found a battery oxidated so the thermostat was not working at all (damned e-inc display :evil: ) . Replaced the battery after have cleaned the contact spring and all was back to normal with heating back to working but no email or other alert was sent by Netatmo to notify this big problem, checking the temperature history I've found that the thermostat wen't off from yesterday evening at 6PM more or less.
Another notification that should be considered is when the temperature of the house is not increasing as expected, some weeks ago I've found that the heating was on all the time and found the boiler heating water regulator way lower of the normal Echo position (don't know why, maybe some one have touched it) if netatmo had sent me an email alert i would check the system way before and saved some money in gas.

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Re: Auto-Care Warnings to be implemented

Post by Cristi_XP » 11 Mar 2019, 16:00

Also there are times when the boiler goes into protection or errors and you need to reset it. It happened to me 3 times till now, that the thermostat showed heating, but the temperature in the room was not increassing because the boiler needed a reset because of errors. That can be helpfull, if you get a notification, that after 20-30 min of heatings, nothing happens... or something like that.

As far as I understood, there is some algorithm that also detects if the radiators are cold or hot... so if the heat should be on and the radiator is cold... we have an issue and a notification should be sent.

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