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WTF - Wrong temperatur on radiator termostat.

Posted: 06 Sep 2019, 18:40
by oxy
I have 13 netatmo radiator thermostats in my house, but several of them measure the wrong temperature in the room
if I compare the temperature with my netatmo indoor module, then there is a difference of up to 4 degrees.

I've tried in the app to change "true temperature" to 24 degrees instead of 20.5 as my radiator thermostats measure,
but it doesn't change it, have tried both on the iphone and andriod app.

what can i do ??

is it just me, or is there more and more issues with netatmo, and no answers from the support team?

- Christian, Denmark.

Re: WTF - Wrong temperatur on radiator termostat.

Posted: 09 Sep 2019, 12:10
by Brieuc_Netatmo
Hi Christian,
Could you please let me know your ticket reference (#xxxxxxxx)? I will make sure you get an answer to your request.
The True Temperature function is not working for the time being, our engineers are working on a fix.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.