Bad algorythm pid by wrong outside modules?

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Bad algorythm pid by wrong outside modules?

Post by Hardybossi » 03 Jan 2020, 14:50

Hallo, have Thermostat relay for more than 2 years.
I registrate with extended algorythm bad automatics to the target temperature. Hold temperature over hours differs -0.3 and up to +0.6 Celsius. That is Not expected.
I remember in the Beginning Thermostat runs much better with los differences around target temperature.
I only have one problem sometimes. Outside temperature detection by netatmo module switched to another (i have 3) wich isn‘t placed outside and Had More stabile temeperature.
Could this be a reason for this high differences?
I would be fine if it can customized within thermostat wich outdoor module to use?!

Update: rechecked Data since 2017
From Beginning (after learning) to ca. 02/2019 thermostat runs in PID (extended mode) very good as expected. Since 02/2019 it looks like unintelligent and not able to start and stop calculated. It looks like hystriese mode. After I switched last days to hysteriese mode it runs a little bit better (differences around target-temperature not so high as in intelligent mode).
It looks like no permanent learning/adjusting as you describe. It looks more like irrgular saved learning data without updating permanent.
I don't think, this high differences based on wrong outsie temperatures because this could also be learned and in the past more than 1 month or longer correct outside module was connected. Over all time since 02/2019 thermostat works with bad intelligence.

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