use Thermostat and Valves separately

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Re: Thermostat and Valves

Post by GEORGzer » 11 Jan 2020, 11:31

Oh I see, you bought additions valves. I somehow assumed you bought an additional Thermostat to your setup, my bad.
No, I‘m afraid this won‘t work then because the Valves need a Reials as well, or a Starter Pack.
However, to achieve a complete separate operating Thermostat setup, there is no other way.

Again, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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Re: use Thermostat and Valves separately

Post by davidjezek » 11 Jan 2020, 11:45

It is ok. I'll try it like I have it. and I'll see if it suits me.
Thanks you for help.

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Re: use Thermostat and Valves separately

Post by PiTRiS » 28 Jan 2020, 22:08

Hi David, i have similar setup and therefore same issue ( ). Basically netatmo support told me there is nothing to do about that for now and that they'll pass it to developers... but that has been 5 months ago and no response so far :) I was suggested to get second relay for valves... I happened to get one second hand and even though the setup was pretty hard because it was hard binded to the original valves, I somehow (using random clicks) managed to get it working. So my thermostat is connected to 1st relay and valves to 2nd. Everything now works as it should, in one household with no issues.
It's pretty stupid how Netatmo cannot help with this... I've recently contacted TADO if their setup supports this and at first I got answer, that it will work same way as netatmo (valves will turn on thermostat), but 2 messages later I was told, that their tech support team can arrange it with one relay during setup on their side... pretty awesome support compared to Netatmo - I don't even have their product and got replies second day the latest. On the other hand, I've contacted netatmo with issues setting up 2nd relay and am still awaiting answer one week later... :/ Almost thinking about getting rid of it and switching to Tado...

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