Boiler overheating

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Boiler overheating

Post by Samebeef » 29 Mar 2020, 23:53


I have purchased a thermostat last season, two valves in the summer and third valve recently. I use Comfort priority mode and have v189 (Relay) / v69 (Thermostat) / v66 (Valves) firmware installed.

After installing the third valve in the same room as the thermostat, my boiler did overheat, switched into failure mode and shut itself down. I thought that some other valve will get fully opened once the valve where the thermostat is located gets half closed or fully closed. I suspect the valve where the thermostat is located was fully closed and the other valves were almost closed because the temperature was near the set point.

Is there a way how to achieve at least one valve to be fully opened?

I would like to keep a minimum temperature in the bedroom (single valve) – higher than the temperature in the living room (thermostat + valve) during the night. I thought that once the temperature in bedroom drops below the set point, the bedroom valve would fully open and the living room valve would fully close. Ideally, if the bedroom valve would stay fully opened to minimize the motor noise during the night.

Thanks for any help.

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