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Netatmo missing features?

Posted: 20 Dec 2014, 11:41
by ciarpame
Yesterday I bought this thermostat thanks to a time limited offer at 150€ but I'm afraid I have to send it back because while I'm waiting for the delivery I tried the android mobile app in demo mode and it seems too me it's lacking some features I already have in my 15 years old CM67 Honeywell thermostat:

- A "day rest" button which override the today or tomorrow schedule like it is Sunday. So at Christmas, since I am at home, now I just press this button and the day temperature schedule is set as Sunday. It seems to me that with Netatmo I have to reprogram the Thursday (25 December) and then, after the 25 december is past, remember to reprogram the day as it was before.
- A vacation button which allows me to set the next N days at a fixed desired temperature. I understand netatmo has a "away" button but I have to remember to set it off using the app before coming back at home.
- A party mode which allows me to set a fixed temperature for next 24 hours. I found a manual setpoint feature but limited to 12 hours.

From an app-controlled thermostat I expected not just the same feature available in my 15 years old thermostat but feature such as national holidays support for example. Or a real calendar based schedule where I can program weeks before a different temperature schedule for some days.
Also it seems to me that Netatmo display lacks a basic feature such as an icon to tell if the boiler is on or off. I understand that maybe I can argue the boiler status if room temperature is lower than the setpoint but just a simple icon would be easier and more immediate to understand, expecially for other low tech people living at my house.

Am I right and all those feature are missing or I do not understand? Maybe that programming via web browser is more sophisticated and allows more functions? I can live with most of this lacking features but not with the first one, it's very useful to me just press a button to tell the thermostat that I am at home and not at work.

Thank you for your help.

Re: Netatmo missing features?

Posted: 22 Dec 2014, 10:06
by Brieuc_Netatmo
If you want to try the web app, just visit this demo page:
- For your first point: our thermostat allows to develop weekly schedules very easily, based on your actual presence in your home.
A quizz in 5 steps is offered immediately after installation, and you can subsequently create as many others as you like and switch between them easily. Each schedule can then be completely customized, both at the time of heating ranges and associated temperatures. The minimum period length is a quarter of an hour.
- This feature as already be requested, we're working on it
- For the party, refer to first point. You can also set a different temperature for a specific heating period, and switch back as soon as the party is over

- Taking care of the national holidays is a good idea, thank you for sharing it!
- Icon to display boiler status has also be requested. We're think about adding this feature.

Re: Netatmo missing features?

Posted: 22 Dec 2014, 11:08
by ciarpame
Thank you for your very fast reply.
I'm happy to read the most of my concern point are addressed but I did not understand your answer to my first question, the most important to me.

Let's make and example: tomorrow is Tuesday and I will be at home so I would like the thermostat to behave like Sunday? What should I do to override Tuesday schedule just once?
The quickest way I found is:
- On Monday I will copy Sunday on Tuesday
- On Wednesday I have to remember to undo my changes by copying another workday on Tuesday

That means that I have to reschedule twice. And what if I stay at home one whole week? I have to copy Sunday on the whole week and then recreate the weeky schedule when I'm back to work?
To summarize: I did not find a way to temporary override a day schedule with a different schedule.

UPDATE: sorry but English is not my mother language, do you mean that I can have different weekly schedules so different typical weeks? In your demo I see three schedules: RTT, standard, test. So I can have a default week and some different special weeks and I can switch between them?

Re: Netatmo missing features?

Posted: 22 Dec 2014, 13:55
by Brieuc_Netatmo
No problem, I understand you perfectly :-)
In fact, you can create as many weekly schedules as you need, and switch between them very easily.
So, for your example, you just have to create a "work" schedule (with away periods), and a "holidays" schedule (permanent comfort mode). Just switch between these two schedules when necessary.
This is exactly the behaviour of our demo Thermostat. We have set 3 different plannings to let you see how it works :-)

Re: Netatmo missing features?

Posted: 23 Dec 2014, 15:33
by wonderiuy
Please, when enabling Out of Home scheduling for n days, warn the user if it's proficient or not.
Last time i used it for 3 days i waste a lot of gas to return to comfort, more than if i had not switched the Out of Home button