Summer. Turn off the thermostata

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Summer. Turn off the thermostata

Post by benlu01 » 01 May 2016, 00:19

I didn't find specific reference about how to turn off the thermostat during the summer season.
What is the correct status to manage this?
Turning the thermostat in absence status, or to define a schedule in which to set a low temperature for 24x7 period?

Thanks Luigi

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Re: Summer. Turn off the thermostata

Post by Kees » 01 May 2016, 17:44

I would vote for activating "FROST-GUARD MODE" (or alternatively "away mode").
It will set the target temp. to the frost-guard value in your preferences. You can specify a date when the standard program should restart, or have the mode active until you manually deactivate it.

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Re: Summer. Turn off the thermostata

Post by currychip » 14 May 2016, 16:40

If you keep you finger on the '-' button or keep pressing it to reduce the Temperature setpoint the Thermostat switches 'off'.

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