Thermostat and power

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Thermostat and power

Post by jelockwood » 08 Sep 2016, 15:39

I currently have a Nest Thermostat. (Boo hiss! :D )

With the recent announcement of forthcoming radiator valves from Netatmo I am now interested in switching to the Netatmo Thermostat along with several of these radiator valves. My question is specifically about the Netatmo Thermostat HomeKit edition. I would very much prefer that there was some way to provide electrical power to the Thermostat rather than solely relying on batteries. With my current Nest Thermostat it connects wirelessly to its equivalent of the relay unit which they call the Heat Link unit, however it is also possible to connect two wires from the Heat Link to the (Nest) Thermostat to provide USB level power to the Thermostat which keeps the batteries permanently topped up. (It also has built-in rechargeable batteries.) The wires are purely used for power, the data and control signals are sent wirelessly.

Sadly I get the impression that the Netatmo Thermostat currently is only able to operate using standard batteries. Can anyone confirm this?

If Netatmo are listening please consider upgrading to a similar approach as used by Nest.

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