netatmo thermostat and internet problems

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netatmo thermostat and internet problems

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I would like to ask how is netatmo thermostat doing with internet problems. As well as with Netatmo's network problem (lastly there were some issues) and as with my network problems (my isp).
So if i set few temperatures for specific hours and what happens on both situations? Is it heating still same? How? As lastly set? For how long? Is there any 'buffer'? If so, how long? How many hours, days, changes?
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Re: netatmo thermostat and internet problems

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If the internet connection falls out (if no wifi, or some temporary connection problem or whatever) the thermostat continues on the schedule you last specified. Of course you will not have access to the thermostat via the app or web page (since there is no wifi/web connection), you will only be able to control the thermostat via the physical push buttons on the main module. When the wifi connections resumes, you're back to the normal run of things. This is a great strength I believe, since you won't have any heating breakdown if the wifi starts to crumble. The main module communicates with the next-to-boiler module via radio waves, so those two boys just continue their job as if nothing has happened
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