Netatmo Radiator Valves Ambassador Program

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Netatmo Radiator Valves Ambassador Program

Post by Brieuc_Netatmo » 28 Jun 2017, 10:10

Dear Netatmo's fans,

We are pleased to launch a new Ambassador Program for Radiator Valves, and we are looking for Netatmo enthusiasts!
Get exclusive access to new products, new app versions, test new features and help the Netatmo community :-)

What you will have to do:
- Buy one (or more!) Netatmo Radiator Valve(s) before everyone else! You will get an exclusive 30% discount on your purchase on Netatmo e-shop!
- Install the Valve(s) and provide some constructive feedback in english on the dedicated forum:
  • - Report bugs
    - Share ideas for upcoming releases
- Have a valid account on this forum
- Own a Netatmo Smart Thermostat
- Have at least one radiator with a thermostatic valve
- Have a smartphone/tablet with one of the following operating system:
  • - iOS 9 or higher
    - Android 4.2 or higher
How to become a beta tester?
The access to the Ambassador Program is now closed.

Note: This offer is limited in time and quantities. The registration form will be closed at the end of July.

We will review your answers and come back to you with more information by sending you a private message.

We look forward to having you join our community of Ambassadors!
Brieuc - Netatmo Team


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