FIRMWARE v157 (relay) / 63 (Thermostat)

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FIRMWARE v157 (relay) / 63 (Thermostat)

Post by fabiochi » 16 Oct 2017, 14:47

Of my 5 thermostats just 1 has firmware v157(relay) / 63(thermostat) while other 4 have have v160(relay) / 59(thermostat)
As the thermostat with v157/63 has a valve attached I think the update comes from the valve integration
anyway as firmware v157(relay) / 63(thermostat) is not mentioned in Brieuc's change log pinned into announcements section I'm wondering updated for v157/63 version


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Re: FIRMWARE v157 (relay) / 63 (Thermostat)

Post by Hakki » 16 Oct 2017, 16:34

Seems you have 1thermostat in the Beta channel.
You should provide your feedback in that part of the forum.

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