Different method for scheduling

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Different method for scheduling

Post by yonasl » 27 Nov 2017, 13:46


Just a reflection on how the scheduling is currently setup vs. how I did it in order to accommodate my needs. May be of help for some people.

The current scheduling revolves around different settings such as "comfort", "eco", "boost". Once can setup for each the temperature required for each room (if you have valves). So you could have:

comfort: 22C Living, 23C Bedroom1, 23C Bedroom2
eco: 16C Living, 18C Beedroom1, 20C Bedroom2

But I found this was not optimal for me as my schedule was more around the usage of rooms. So for instance in the morning I want the rooms warmed up while I don't care much about the living room. In the evening I prefer to focus on the living room and then as night falls to make sure the rooms are warm before I go to bed.

Therefore I created some scheduling profiles named after each period of time: Early morning, morning, day, evening, late evening, night. Each has a different temperature for the rooms I am using at that point of the day.

Hope this helps,


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