[REQUEST] Optimise multi-zone houses

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[REQUEST] Optimise multi-zone houses

Post by Net5 » 04 Apr 2019, 18:02


I'm using Netatmo products a couple of years in my house and they're doing an excellent work.
From the past year I've split the house in two zones, a living zone and a slipping zone. Two relays, two thermostats, many valves, stil same house.

My request is to treat the house as one house, starting from one, unique, combined monthly report and optimised usage of the heating system trough the zones.
For example, some times when one zone finishes to heat, the other starts. In order to limit gas consumption and heating hours these should be somehow optimised with heating prediction alg. (Most of the energy is consumed to heat the water to the heating temperature. Once the water is hot only a few energy is consumed to maintain it.)
The main thing in the report should be the sum of both zones working hours but taking into account shared time.

Another thing that should be added is a switch in the operating mode enabling some advanced features of the heating system. Many systems have external temperature sensors that rise water temperature as external one drops and vice versa. This should let to have the same heating time in heating prediction alg avoiding, at the same time, to unsettle it.

Thank you for your great job!


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