Logic of the Valve systems, turning on the boiler.

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Logic of the Valve systems, turning on the boiler.

Post by Mariener » 18 Oct 2020, 21:16

I've been using the Thermostat for years now and till today I am also using valves in our house. I have some questions I was hoping you guys could answer, because I can't find a definitive answer:

Previous setting:
Nighttime, 5:00 am

Priority: Eco mode
Room: Bathroom
Schedule temperature for the night: 16.5c

Actual temperature was almost 1.5h at 16c, -> The valve fired up the boiler and the room started to heat up to 16.5c, until I woke up and noticed this from happening and I manually changed the valve temperature setting to 16c again.

Conclusion, the Valve reacted to the lowered temperature, but why only after 1.5 hours?

////edit: Was this perhaps due to Auto Adapt? I have since turned this off.

Current setting:

Priority: Comfort mode
Room: Upstairs attic
Living Room Thermostat actual temperature: 19,5c
Schedule temperature in the app: 17c

Actual temperature was 16,5 and I opened the outside door and the temperature dropped to 16,1. Well below the 17c standard preset from its schedule. But the boiler doesn't turn on to heat the upstairs attic, nothing happens.

What am I missing, why is the boiler not turning on as soon as it hits a couple of X,XXc below the schedule preset? But somehow it did when It was in Eco mode the other night.
All temperatures were set by schedule. I have not touched the valves, nor did I manually apply a different temperature in the app, thermostat or through the valves.

/ When I manually adjust the temperature in the attic, then it will fire up the boiler and it says it is controlled by one of the valves. So that works.

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