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Why Is Internet Connectivity Required?

Posted: 05 Sep 2018, 19:11
by bateau
I have a semi technical question. I am an internet security specialist and I have a question for my own house rebuild. The requirements for your smart thermostat at one point the requirement is to just have private wi-fi and at another point the document says it requires a high speed internet connection. Does the app talk directly to the device or does the app talk to another external backend which then communicates with the device from an external service across the internet? I am planning having only VPN access into the home network from outside the local network. The idea of managing a house remotely with an app does not fill me with joy. Hence for what purpose do you require a connected high speed internet?

Re: Why Is Internet Connectivity Required?

Posted: 05 Sep 2018, 19:47
by bateau
I did some digging and this is what I found.
The Netatmo Relay, connects via Wi-Fi to the internet and uploads data measured by the Thermostat and Smart Valves to Netatmo servers (external I assume in a data centre).
The Netatmo Relay also retrieves commands sent by Netatmo servers and transmits them to the Thermostat and Smart Valves.
So I take it the Netatmo Relay doesn't have enough processing power itself and relies on the Netatmo backend servers to process the relayed data and then resend the commands to control the THV's and boiler switch/relay. Hence I can only assume that app data is read from the Netatmo servers and changes are likewise converted into commands that the device receives when it next calls in to the Netatmo servers. That can be a secure model. I have not dug further but I will. I notice you are using OAuth2 to secure the data stream from the Netatmo Servers to the App which is resonable.
I could not find and architecture document in the developer documents. That would be helpful.
Dont think think security by obscurity (not publishing you details) can stop the faceless script kiddies and twerps, sometimes it fires them into action as a protest of to get a medal of valour.