App ios error after installing new router

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App ios error after installing new router

Post by nickfielibert » 19 Feb 2016, 21:54

My service provider has replaced my gateway (modem + wifi router). After setting up the router, using the same subnet as before, I was not surprised the relays lost connection to the netatmo server. The weird thing is that the re-connectionvia the ios app generates an error after if got to the stage where it looks for relay again ( after it made connection with the wifi network). I get the same message each time. I powered down the relay, but same issue. I even reinstalled the app. All with the same result. When I installed the system the first time, the app worked fine. The issue seems related to the relay having different stored settings from initial set-up. I only succeded reconnecting using the PC wizzard and connecting the relay via USB.
Based on this new issue and the thread about disconnects, this must be the worst ever SW on these relays.

Adding: there was a major network issue later in the day, causing my router to reboot and reconnect to the network. Again the connection between relay and serever was lost and the same error ocured in the app, always stopping after wifi link is established.

Adding more: forgot to mention that my 2 thermostats/relays ahow exact the same behaviour, so it's not a device fault. The relay keeps blinking after the error was displayed in the app. A poer cycle is required to make it stop blinking and the relay is connected after that.

Brieuc, I've also contacted support about this

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