Firmware 468 every 2 hours disconnecting

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Re: Firmware 468 every 2 hours disconnecting

Post by w.taferner »

I assume it is a hardware related software issue. There is probably one part which is not working as expected with the firmware (as it started with a firmware update) or there was a bad lot of a certain part.
As there is still no answer from support of Netatmo I will probably return the camera and hope that the replacement will not have this issue.

I am kinda disappointed from the support of Netatmo which takes forever to answer. No idea what is going on there, but obviously they have some troubles.

Update #1:
Just asked Amazon for support, they did not "know" about the issue, but they immediately send me a new camera which is a pity (for Netatmo and the world in terms of environmental costs) as I am not sure this will resolve the issue, but it is better than to wait another ten days for an answer.
I will report if the issue persists with the "new" camera and I hope that my frustration won't continue :-)

Update #2:
After Update #1 they were answering my ticket and asked me to return as they assume a hardware defect. As the replacement was already on the way I could check on the next day and the new device is on the same firmware and working until now as expected.
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Re: Firmware 468 every 2 hours disconnecting

Post by iketheshark »

My Welcome is now on firmware 475 but the problem still exists.
Every now and then it just disconnects from Netatmo but is still usable under homekit.
But after some more minutes it reboots automatically.
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Re: Firmware 468 every 2 hours disconnecting

Post by n3m0 »

I do still have the same issue on FW 475. @Netatmo, please take a look at this.
My workaround at the moment is, to disconnect the Ethernet cable followed by a power off/on, wait a minute and then reconnect the Ethernet cable.
Without this procedure my Camera does not come online on Ethernet.
n3m0 wrote: 24 Feb 2021, 14:51 Same here. Since Firmware 468 the camera does not work after power or Internet (in my case by ethernet) loss anymore.
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Re: Firmware 468 every 2 hours disconnecting

Post by Lpope »

Many disconnects here too. Never ending….
Firmware 475.
And WiFi shows connected as soon as it disconnects. Many devices connected to my WiFi are all ok. It’s within 1m of WiFi point too.
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