Face detection but no motion alerts

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Face detection but no motion alerts

Post by mzbow » 15 Feb 2018, 23:37

Hi folks,

I have a rather concerning bug report. For a few weeks now I've noticed that I hadn't received a single motion detection alert. I didn't think much of it at first because I was still receiving Welcome Home alerts for myself and my partner, so I thought the camera was just getting really quick at recognising us as we came in (it's aimed at our front door). After a while I became a bit more suspicious though. Welcome used to pretty regularly detect the door opening and alert us before it managed to pick up a face as we entered. I went back in the timeline and it seems that the last time this happened was around the start of the month. Tonight I tested it, I set the home to 'empty', then walked past the camera a few times. Absolutely no response. When I looked at the camera it spotted my face and identified me, but plain old motion.....no detection at all. No push notification, nothing appearing in the app timeline.

To say the least, this is bad. The camera is essentially useless without the motion alert, and the fact that it still recognises & welcomes known faces gives the user a false sense of security that the camera is still working correctly when it clearly isn't. I have no idea whether it would still alert for an 'unknown face' in these circumstances, but that isn't relevant to me really. Motion detection is the bare minimum this camera should provide. I've had my suspicions that this has happened in the past as well, but then it's gone back to normal so I just shrugged it off.

Having turned it off at the wall socket and back on again it seems to be back to normal now - but this is a bug which badly needs to be squashed. Who knows how many users think their home is being monitored when it really isn't?

Related note 1: what's the difference between the two 'Motion detected' icons in the timeline? One is a green circle with a bouncing ball (?) in, the other is a human figure.

Related note 2: why is it impossible in the settings to choose 'Be notified of motion detection: always' ? The option is literally greyed out and can't be selected.

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Re: Face detection but no motion alerts

Post by camillo777 » 17 Feb 2018, 19:31

I have the same feeling and as a plus, every time it happens a blackout in my home, the camera feed come up always wrong: or upside down or pink colored.
This gives me the idea of nota rocksolid camera.
I keep it only because it is aesthetically neice and elegant and does not seem at all like a surveliance camera.

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