Extending the power supply

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Extending the power supply

Post by QNAPDK »

Hello there

I am looking to mount the Welcome on a wall a bit further away from the power outlet. Does anyone have any experience in using an extender cable for the power?
The plug seems to be Micro USB, so in theory a male/female extender should work.
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Re: Extending the power supply

Post by ubik »

I have no experience, but I assume that there is no problem in extending the USB cable, unless you want to extend it at a very large distance, in which case power losses along the line may become an issue.
Another issue, if you want to use the provided power supply, is that female to male micro usb extension cables are not so common, although they can be found from some online seller.
Another simpler option is to use a 110V or 220V AC extender cable to move the provided power supply closer to the desired camera position, but you should evaluate the visual impact of a thicker cable.
A third option is to use a different standard USB adapter (in that case make sure that it is rated at least at 2A current, more is better). In this case it is very easy to find male USB to male Micro USB cables.
Personally I would go for the first option.
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