[SOLVED] New SD Card issues... Unknown Face

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[SOLVED] New SD Card issues... Unknown Face

Post by Vertigo » 09 Jan 2019, 17:36

HI All.

I just replaced an SD Card after a failure and now my Welcome is continually reporting "Unknown Face" even though the faces (mine and my wife) are both already registered. I am also making sure I correctly identify faces as the one's already registered, but it still keeps failing to identify correctly.

Any help anyone? All I can think of is to delete the existing identities and start over again...


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Re: New SD Card issues... Unknown Face

Post by ldplusse » 11 Jan 2019, 21:34

When you install a new SD card, the camera has to start all over with the recognition.
The pictures it learns from is on the SD card and is encrypted.

So no over thing to do than to start over with the learning.
NetAtmo says it is a security thing, that all is on the local SD.

They just need to make a kind of Export feature, so one could take a copy and store it on a laptop or NAS.


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