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Netatmo Welcome with Netgear Orbi

Posted: 25 Feb 2019, 09:47
by LanceM
Has anyone got this combination and got the Welcome working? I switched from a Linksys WRT1900AC to Orbi and suddenly the camera will not stream in the app. It was able to be set up manually with static IP etc and is on the network with a strong signal. The motion and occupancy sensors react perfectly on the Home app and the camera streams with almost no delay in the Home app. Does not work at all in the Netatmo app and asks to "configure network". I should also add I have a home coach and two presence cameras that work perfectly. Anybody had luck? Thank you

Re: Netatmo Welcome with Netgear Orbi

Posted: 27 Feb 2019, 09:23
by LanceM
I have good news in that I managed to fix the issue. I had ports 500 and 4500 forwarded as I have been instructed in the past but for some reason Orbi just would not unblock them or the service was unreachable. I ran a service scan on the welcome and it showed “complex link” on port 5001. I port forwarded that port and then the camera was able to be configured the first time and works brilliantly now. This is all with one SSID. That was not the issue as it just chose the 2.4ghz band anyway. I then scanned the presence cameras just for interests sake even though they were working and they also have the same service. They have a http service running on port 80 as well so perhaps that is why they have less trouble than the welcome. I am no expert but this instantly allowed by Welcome to connect and establish its vpn connection.

Re: Netatmo Welcome with Netgear Orbi

Posted: 13 Mar 2019, 16:54
by Guillaume_B_Netatmo
Hello LanceM,

I thank you for sharing us the solution as the NetGear Orbi system starts to be quite popular.
I also forwarded these information to our engineers as both cameras model should work the same way.