Power Cuts Leave NO Cameras Working

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Power Cuts Leave NO Cameras Working

Post by MUFCPhil » 28 Jul 2019, 17:55

I have experienced 2 power cuts today and both times I have had to switch each camera off and reinstate the power to each camera individually to get them to work.
I gave them 3 hours the first time to reboot and reconnect, I didn’t wait that long on the second power failure.
I have 1 Welcome and 3 Presence cameras, also a boiler thermostat which worked without any issues.
Is this the norm with these cameras when more than 1 is on the same network??
I’m quite mindful that if it was last week when I was on holiday, I would therefore have had no cameras working until I got back and paired then up individually.
Does anyone else have these issues??

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Re: Power Cuts Leave NO Cameras Working

Post by fsf976 » 31 Jul 2019, 19:46

I experienced a similar issue. Had to go to the property today and after disconnecting and re-connecting the ethernet cable then restarting the camera, the camera started working. My camera had sat there for 2 days after the last power cut not working until I did this. Not much use for a security camera.

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Re: Power Cuts Leave NO Cameras Working

Post by chrisz » 12 Aug 2019, 11:13


I had the same problem. After two powercuts, my Presense SD-card stopped working and the Welcome had to be setup again. Did not start by itself.



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