Which is your experience about face detection?

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Which is your experience about face detection?

Post by fabiochi » 17 Jan 2020, 07:15

Hello all
I would like to share my feedback about Welcome camera face detection and would like to have your experiences hoping Netatmo team would keep it to improve reliability ... because I think it is completely unreliable and not usable as Netatmo promises.
My experience with face recognition is terrible. Camera recognizes our configured faces only when perfectly in front of the camera and with only some specific lights condition. Slightly changing the position or the lights generates unknown face event.
In addition as neither timeout (time to consider a person out of house) nor mobile app location are reliable I continue receiving false alerts when at home only because I move away from the room for certain time (e.g. during the night).
I continue trying to improve recognition to each alert with no relevant real improving
Considering also camera
- does not recognize my cat
- generates false alerts when TV is on
- generates false alerts because of reflexes in the window
it makes Welcome Camera a very poor and not intelligent product as Netatmo says (BTW I have not mentioned mobile apps is often not able to connect to server and when connected live and recorded streams play spottly).
So guys please share your experience and trying to push Netatmo to improve such poor product.


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