Automatically set to ‘Away’ at night

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Automatically set to ‘Away’ at night

Post by NathObeaN » 18 Feb 2020, 22:54

Hi all,

Posted this in another thread but thought I’d make a dedicated thread for those browsing the forum for such a function.

As I discovered recently, geo-location has a major flaw - if you go to sleep, the system remains disarmed which allows someone to break in during the night.. To get around this, you can either stick to using the countdown timer or combine geo-location with a manual arming before you sleep. I have requested a feature request via Netatmo support to combine geo-location with a countdown timer so that after a specified hour, geo-location stops and the countdown timer kicks in.

In the meantime, here is a work-around (if you use iOS).

1. Enable geo-location in the Security app via the ‘this is me’ function, this will ensure your security is ‘armed’ as soon as you leave home, automatically.
2. Create a Siri shortcut on your iOS device that functions as follows: do not disturb > Security app > empty home.
3. Configure a scheduled do not disturb on your iOS device to turn on for your desired time, I.e midnight.

The above results in the security system being armed every time you leave the home but even if you stay home, it will arm whenever do not disturb is triggered (automatically, while you sleep).

Note, don’t bother using the other Siri Shortcuts such as ‘time occurs’ because despite being called ‘automations’ they currently require the user to confirm the action, making it useless if you nod off to sleep while forgetting to manually arm the security system. Source: ... 971e63/ios

Note, the following limitations:

1. This is achieved via Siri shortcut API. This could break with future updates, make sure you verify functionality after updates (both for the app and iOS).
2. This automation will kick in the same time regardless of weekday or weekend (if your sleep patterns change). Fingers crossed, this will be remedied if Apple allow other automations such as ‘time occurs’ to... well... actually be automated!

Hope this helps someone else out there!

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