Geofencing has stopped working?

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Geofencing has stopped working?

Post by RoryClark »

Since the latest updates to my phone and the Netatmo app, geofencing has stopped working. I always have to manually tell it everyone has left home. No problems recognising me and welcoming me on my return.

I've tried turning the camera off and on again, and also re-entering my home location in the app. Nothing has worked. Has anyone else had this problem?

Version details:

Galaxy S7
Android 8.0.0
Samsung Experience 9.0

Security App

Welcome Firmware 199
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Re: Geofencing has stopped working?

Post by LanceM »

I have the reverse issue. My wife’s phone will not keep her set her to stay home and once the set time elapses she shows as away. She has an account and is invited to the welcome and set as me. This worked fine until a week or two ago. Toggling her location etc on and off does not resolve it.
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Re: Geofencing has stopped working?

Post by dakis77 »

Can confirm - geofencing no longer works. None of our family members remains “home” after the 1 hour period I’ve set. All of us have location services set to “always” etc
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Re: Geofencing has stopped working?

Post by Jonas »

Same for my wife...
She uses Android and never gets marked as away automatically... ist a shame.
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Re: Geofencing has stopped working?

Post by Oxymoron »

Same here - geolocalisation no longer works. I am only user in household with iPhone XR and latest OS.

I have now made a Siri profile so when I say "Hey Siri, I'm home" it turns off the alarms as it was too slow to wait for face recognition.
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